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    Default Sliding Shower Doors

    I have triple shower doors that came off track and I cannot figure out how to get them all in their proper place. it seems the middle mirrored door needs to bypass the door closest to the faucet but cannot figure it out. Please bear with this woman who is new to taking care of a home by herself, Thanks for any assistance you can give me!

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    Default Re: Sliding Shower Doors

    For a "track" style door, set the bottom of the door into the bottom track then lift and hang it on the top track. You may need to adjust the rollers to a wider setting to install the door, then readjust the rollers so that the door hangs and glides properly.

    If this is a "trackless" door, then you hold the panel from the sides, then resting the bottom of the door against your legs, tilt it at an angle to engage the rollers into the top track. Since this is a triple door you'll probably need to remove the panel in the track closest to you to install the center panel.
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