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    So this is me the original poster. It has been a month since the project has been finished. It looks great and I have to tell you that the care I took with the prep has paid off. This house had the most ugly of wall paper everywhere. Some peeled off easily while some was on for the long haul. I had experience with a 1955 house that had 7 layers of wall paper with 3 different coats of paint in between the various layers. I understood what a tough job was. But that was a 1000 sq ft house that I did over a 4 year period. This job was a 3200 sq foot house that we had to get into as fast as possible. I heard all the advice on this web site pro and con about leaving the wall paper on and I also talked to several contractors locally. The final process was to peel all the metallic wall paper off at least the top 1/2 of the paper where the metallic coating was) then paint the remaining wall paper or wall paper backer paper with Kilz oil base primer/sealer. That cured and gave me an impermeable surface to work with. I then had the walls textured and primed and top coated. Some of the walls, after everything cured, looked a bit think and I painted over those walls. I used Kelly Moore paint. Now it all looks wonderful. The walls have shown no signs of peeling, lifting or chipping. I think alls well that ends well.
    Thanks for listening,
    Joe in Boise

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    Default Re: Do I have to remove the wallpaper

    Glad we were able to help. Thanks for posting back your experiences.
    I suffer from CDO ... Its like OCD, but in alphabetical order, LIKE IT SHOULD BE!!!

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