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    Default UV light for evaporator coil in air circulator?

    I have a heat pump system for heating and cooling. During the semiannual checkup, the service person recommended installing a UV light on the evaporator coil of the air circulator unit to improve air quality and prolong its life. Have others heard of this and done this?

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    Default Re: UV light for evaporator coil in air circulator?

    UV lights are supposed to kill Bacteria, Mold, fungi, spores, and improve Air Quality. I have also heard that Hospitals use them which would make sense but that's hear say as I have yet to any work in a Hospital so haven't seen one. There easy to install, one hole, two screws, two wires. As for using it on a Heat Pump System, absolutely, especially when there could be days when you use A/C during the day and Heat Pump at night contributing to what is called Dirty Sock Syndrome and Bacteria, etc. Good Luck!!!

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