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    Smile Mrs. Vanessa Wilson

    We would like to know if you can plaster over wood paneling.

    We have dark paneling that was put over our sheet rock. We wanted to remove it and plaster. The installer used liquid nails behind the paneling. We are also open for suggestions.

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    I would not recommend appling a plaster over a wood substrate.
    How ever there are some veneer plaster systems that are a synthetic that may work?
    Also about 20 years ago i did use a product called Plaster in a Roll that was made to cover existing walls, I did not like it.
    You can remove the paneling and reskim the sheet rock.

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    Have you thought about simply painting the paneling? It may look better than you think. It might be worth trying. If you do, I would first prime it with a shelac. Maybe try one wall.

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    You have two choices. You can go over the paneling with new drywall. You can get quarter inch drywall from Home Depot and any other supplier and apply it right over the paneling. It is more expensive then thicker drywall but you can avoid removing your trimwork. The other choice is to remove the paneling, sc**** off the liquid nails glue and then put new drywall on. Don't try to put a skim coat over the old glue which will be very difficult to remove. New drywall on the paneling or removing the paneling and new drywall is the best option.

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