we are trying to repair some water damage done to our master bath floor. We have had a couple of people look at the job and we haven't really gotten any good news. The water damage came from a toilet leak that happened quite a while before we bought the house, so the damage is contained to an area about 3x3.

We want to try and preserve the bathroom as best we can, it has subway wall tile the built soap dishes and such are all in great condition. When we had a contractor look at the work he said that the floor is LIKELY 3" of poured concrete with another inch or so that the tile was actually set in. We have been told that the only way to repair the damage is to demo the entire floor, with a jackhammer. (this is the point that I tossed the first contractor out on his fanny)

1. what are the chances that our floor has 3" of poured concrete?

2. Has anyone developed a method for repairing the area without having to demo the whole floor? - we are able to find tile that matches from salvage companies

3. IF we do have to demo the whole floor - are there steps that can be taken to help protect and preserve the wall tile?