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    Question Under Cabinet Lighting

    We rehabed our kitchen a couple of years ago and we had undercabinet lighting installed. It was supposed to be hard wired. But, it looks as though the fixture, which has an on/off switch and a cord that runs off of one end, but, up behind the cabinet. The lights themselves are constantly burning out. There is a flat glass plate, which, you kinda turn 1/4 clockwise and it comes off in your hand. the bulb is very small; it has two little wires sticking out of the end of the bulb. When you insert the new bulb, (I've been told, NOT to touch those wires), they have to fit into the opening, where you pulled the old one out. I hope you're still with it possible to replace this whole sytem without have to remove the cabinet(s) from the wall(s)? OR, is it better to have an electrical contractor come in and let me know what I have?

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    Default Re: Under Cabinet Lighting

    From what you are describing you have low voltage lighting.
    Removing them may be simple enough though it's difficult to say from here over the internet.

    The cord you are referring to may be wired to a transformer somewhere behind , below, or on top of the cabinets which would have to be connected someway to electrical power. If the transformer is simply plugged into an outlet it would be very simple to remove the lights ... simply unplug the transformer from the outlet then remove the lights from the cabinets.

    If the transformer is hard wired to power and you are not familiar with electrical wiring it may be in your best interest having someone more knowledgeable do it for you.

    Be careful.

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