We're currently planning a "lite" remodel of the master bathroom. This will include new paint, lighting, fixtures, vanity top, cabinet refacing and either a.) 2 inset medicine cabinets or b.) 1 small storage cabinet (center mounted on vanity top between the sinks) with 2 normal/framed mirrors on the wall. I really like the idea of inset medicine cabinets; however, this evening after locating the studs in the wall, I think realized an issue that would prevent installing them. On the opposite side of the wall they would be installed in, there is a built-in desk with built in overhead cabinets. So I believe the cabinets are mounted in the same studs that I would need to cut sections from to install the medicine cabinets. Has anyone else run into an issue like this? Is this a show stopper or is there a potential workaround here?