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    Default deck/floor problem

    this summer i had a 12'x12' covered porch installed (not enclosed) with a douglas fir tongue & groove floor. the floor was not painted on either side prior to installation, and was not painted until the project was completed, which took approximately three weeks. the problem: as soon as the floor was painted, the wood began to cup quite badly. my contractor agrees it looks bad, and wants to sand the floor flat. i'm concerned that it will compromise the strength of the floor- and of course, i want this floor to last. he says he will do whatever i want in order to make it right- i'm leaning toward replacing the entire floor.
    any suggestions?

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    Default Re: deck/floor problem

    Did you ever find out more about your deck? I have had my front porch replace two times and each time the wood buckled up. Any news?

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