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    Default Funny Home improvement video

    Here is an awesome funny video about home improvement. Check it out you will like it:

    Let me know what you think! I was the assistant director. It was made by my company which is ServiceMagic.com.

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    Default Re: Funny Home improvement video

    Pretty darn cute. Well done too.

    Will add that that I am not a fan of your company as you are another middleman skimming profit with little to no effort.

    Cute but a scam folks.......... IMHO.

    To folks wanting a good contractor? Ask friends and neighbors. Check your BBB.
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    Default Re: Funny Home improvement video

    cute video.

    that company does not skim profits. you pay them for leads. i actually use them along with another company. granted you have to pay for all the leads you get and you don't always get the job, but i can attribute almost $500,000 in business to them last year which makes paying for leads you don't get well worth it. i would guess that the total i spent on leads with them last year was about $2,500...the nice thing is that if you're busy and don't want leads, you can turn them off and if you're looking for more work you can add to the amount of leads that you get. if you have the man *****, you can look at about 3-5 jobs per week and i was closing about 1 out of 3 of the jobs i looked at on average. one last thing to note, i did pay $50 for a lead that gave me a $300 job and i've paid $12 for a lead that ended up being about a $20,000 job.

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    Default Re: Funny Home improvement video

    liked the video, cute

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    Default Re: Funny Home improvement video

    ***!! That's so cute and also very enjoyable.

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    Default Re: Funny Home improvement video

    Haha funny, really cute video...

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