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    Default Will dripping faucet ruin bathroom sink?

    Hi Everyone!

    Quick question: Can a dripping faucet ruin a bathroom sink if not tended to right away?

    My bathroom faucet was dripping, warning me that it needed new washer/cartridges. The new cartridges were installed and everything seems fine. I have city water, so there was no gunky build up; the installation was routine. The water dripped maybe once a minute, hitting the drain stopper and splashing on the surrounding area of the sink. (I didn't actually stand there and count, so I'm not sure how often it was!)

    A friend had told me that I should quickly get the washers replaced because the dripping water could ruin my sink, which I assume is porcelein. Is this true? I have city water and live in Michigan. I never heard of this before, except in areas with well or hard water.

    I'm just curious.

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    Default Re: Will dripping faucet ruin bathroom sink?

    Not likely. If you think about it when you turn the water on to wash your hands how many drops does that equal.
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    Default Re: Will dripping faucet ruin bathroom sink?

    The only "problem" would be if you had hard water which would result in mineral build up on the surface. Will this ruin the sink, no, but mineral deposits are kind of tough to remove an are not the most aesthetic thing to look at.
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    Default Re: Will dripping faucet ruin bathroom sink?

    I think that a constant dripping would have an erroding effect on the polished surface of the porcelain making that area appear dull, but that would take quite a while. The real reason to replace it right away is to avoid wasting the water.

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