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    Default Spray Foam insulation costs

    I am thinking of spraying my attice with spray foam insulation.

    How much does it cost per square foot?

    Do I need to completely seal the attic by spraying the floors and underside of the roof? or just the attic floor and let the soffets and whirlybird fans vent the attic?



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    Default Re: Spray Foam insulation costs

    Chris, I am around Philadelphia, and had this done about 2 years ago. it cost me about $1400. I had just the floor of the attic sprayed. The Guy who came out said by spraying the floor of the attic you creat a barrier so the heat in the house will not rise past that. I have no soffet vents only a Gable vent and fan and 2 small roof vents. I have had no problems and it does seem to help in the winter

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