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    Default First New Home - Upstairs Unfinished

    Hi TOH Folks,

    We have a two story cape in Fairfax, Vermont. Being first time home owners we could not afford to finish the upstairs. The builder put insulation in the ceiling so heat would not escape.

    This is the second year in the house and I wanted to get started in the upstairs.

    First off-- I removed the subfloor to put elbows between the floor joints. In doing so I noticed that above the bathroom and around our recessed lights there is MOLD and the insulation in the bathroom is quite wet.

    It's late in the year and I won't be able to continue this project of insulating the walls and ceiling and dividing the space into rooms. Warm days have ended so it appears to late to let the air dry out the insulation.

    What can I do to prevent MOLD from spreading? This is very important I know. If I replace the insulation with new (in the bathroom area ceiling), how can I prevent this from having MOLD grow again before spring?

    Also in the bathroom I have no windows but a conventional light/fan. Do I need to get a larger fan?


    Marylou and Rik Smith

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    Default Re: First New Home - Upstairs Unfinished

    I believe there is a specific insulation that wards off mold and such.

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