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    Question HELP!! A plastic tile NIGHTMARE!!!

    We have an older home and the kitchen is a total nightmare. Half the kitchen was done with ceramic tile, but the other half is done with plastic tile. I just don't know what to do with it. The ceramic one are fine...clean easily and are placed very securely. However, the plastic ones are a trainwreck and don't seem to come clean (especially near the stove) When you scrub them they pop off. When you bump into the wall even lightly with a piece of furniture etc...they break or just pop off and is seems to make a hole. If I take them down, will I need to take the take out the whole wall(s) and hang new drywall? If I just repair them (which I'm not sure how to do because the wall behind it just seems to crumble) but if I do, does anyone have any idea how to clean them? I've tried scrubbing them, I've used one of those steamer sorta moves it around a little, but it won't come off!!! Help!!!

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    Default Re: HELP!! A plastic tile NIGHTMARE!!!

    Chances are those plastic tiles were attached using a glue type of adhesive.
    You can remove them ...... with some coming off easier than others .
    You more than likely will have adhesive still on the wall. Sc**** it off and yes there will be damage to the wall surface.

    When you have done the scraping use drywall compound to repair the wall surface. If you will be applying ceramic tiles then the patching doesn't have to be perfect just as long as it's somewhat level.

    Then cover the repaired area with a primer / sealer meant for drywall compound .... this will help the future tiles to adhere nicely.

    Hopefully this helps.
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