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    Default Trim Ring For Round Porch Column

    I am working on a 100 year old house that has tapered, fluted ,round columns and the trim ring at the bottom are rotted on 3 of the post.I checked on the bendable trim but it wont make that tight of a radious. I also checked with salvage yards but they want to sell the whole column. It would also cost about 200 a piece if I were to have them made. Isaw on TOH show once about a resin they used on wood rot. Would this work and where can I get it if it would?. Long story on owners of house. They do not even live in this state anymore and are divorced. They do not want the house to fall apart and would like to try to keep it up until they decide what they are going to do with it Thanks.

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    Default Re: Trim Ring For Round Porch Column

    You can locate trim rings at Lowes Home Depot that are made from metal or fiberglass.Estimate price about 25 to 50 dollars for each.

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