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    Default How do I get our elevator inspection done?

    Please help. Our elevator inspection is overdue by six months. Last time it took 3 years to get done even though the city is required to get it done every year. When I inquire, they just say we're on the list and won't tell me anything else. My friends and neighbors tell me it's a racket between the inspectors and the management companies. Our management company wants us to get a new elevator but we can't possibly afford it. We live in Skokie, IL Any advice appreciated.

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    Default Re: How do I get our elevator inspection done?

    Not sure how your jurisdiction is handling it. You mentioned Property Management. Are you talking residential or commercial?

    I can talk about how to handle residential based on what happens in Mid Atlantic regions. The compnay who installed it can help you schedule this. They should really be there for inspection anyway to support their lift. They can also schedule third party inspection with National Elvator Contractors Ass. More and more jurisdictions are starting to call on third party inspection anyway simply to address manpower issues with most local engineering staffs.


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