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    Default Flex-able foam boards

    I'm looking for a semi flex-able 1 or 2" x 4x8' sheet type insulation board.

    This would be like blue-board (which are 2ft wide) and others that are 1" x 4' foam which are rigid and I need to make a curve.

    On the first show of this season of TOH they tore down a 3 season room and sure enough they pealed off some kind of insulation.... What Was It?


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    Default Re: Flex-able foam boards

    I recall them pulling off house wrap that was under the vinyl siding.
    They did remove the tar roof which had rigid foam underneath..
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    Default Re: Flex-able foam boards

    If you are using this on a side wall Dow Duramate may be the ticket. Duramate is an extruded foam product with a plastic film on it that gives it it's durability. The product can be bent at pretty a extreme radius before it fails. Layering the 1/2" product and staggering the seams would be an excellent way to accomplish sheathing a radius wall. Each 1/2" layer would have a R value of 3 with no deterioration at the edges like polyisocyanurate.


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