Hi All,

I have a cottage that is only 2 years old.

The builder, in his infinite wisdom, did not vent the bathroom or dryer vents to the outside. It's hard telling where the vent lines go. I'm guessing it blows towards the soffet vent, but it's just a guess. The space the vent is installed in is not accessible without removing part of the ceiling. I have 2 bathrooms are side-by-side, both on a weather-wall. The dryer vent is in the wall in the kitchen, and the pipe it boxed in, and goes straight up through the ceiling, and who knows from there. My concerns with both is the buildup of moisture, and the possibility of mold. And with the dryer, it's a pretty huge fire hazard.

I think i can re-route the dryer vent over the kitchen cabinets and out the wall there, but I think code requires the vent to be minimum of 3 feet from any doors or windows.

The million dollar question is this: Do I need to remove part of the ceiling to do the bathroom vents properly?