Hello! May family and I live in Coral Springs, FL in an 11 year old home. In our main-level cabana bathroom (it has a door to the back yard), we have noticed that a puddle of (seemingly) clean, odor-free water appears in the middle of the floor from time to time. It happens more frequently when it rains. Until recently, there was no sign of water damage anywhere else in the bathroom. However, we have noticed recently that at the threshold of the door leading to the back yard there is now some water damage.

The tiled floor in the bathroom has a long, thin crack, and there are similar cracks elsewhere in the house.

We are concerned that the "phantom puddle" and the cracking may be due to a leaky pipe. Alternatively, we have considered that the water is pooling in the bathroom after coming in from outside. However, the puddle does not solely appear after heavy rains.

How can we find the cause of this puddle (and the cracking in the floors)? Will we have to rip up our floors?