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    Default install steps on a slope

    I am looking for instructions on how to install steps (either stone or pressure treated lumber) in a small slope. Thanks.

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    Default Re: install steps on a slope


    Could you provide more info as to if this will be in the front,side, or back of the house & approx. how many steps you will need---is it connecting to a doorway, or simply scaling 2 different heights in the back yard/garden, etc., or part of a garden path??

    Any photos you can post of the area would be appreciated---I don't recommend pressure treated lumber because it simply doesn't last that long when in contact with the earth before it rots.

    I've had good luck with natural fieldstones---especially when they are laying around the property----they can be bought commercially as well.

    The home improvement stores have lots of manufactured stones that are ok, but I don't like them because of their formal look--it's just as easy to create a natural garden walkway that looks great & will last forever---if you happen to have a low-cost source of natural stone available.

    For more ideas, Google "stone steps diy","stone steps pictures","stone steps design","stone steps landscape","stone steps how to","stone steps on a hill".
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