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    Default Help to rewire and hang a vintage fixture

    I need help!

    I have a pair of fixtures. They are vintage, but I'm not sure of the year. They are brass, flush mount fixtures that are in dire need of a good cleaning. They also need to be rewired and I have no clue how to hang them. So, I need specific instructions on how to rewire and hang these fixtures.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated! Also, if you have any idea about the approximate age of these fixtures, I'd love to know more about them!

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    Default Re: Help to rewire and hang a vintage fixture

    I wouldnt rewire them yourself, look in the yellow pages under lamp and shade and find someone that specializes in it. Before they can be hung they need to be underwritten anyway. Its usually no more then $50 or $75. Once there rewired its pretty self explanatory black to black white to white and green (bare) to green (bare) make sure you use a properly rated box (judging by the size of the fixtures I would say a steel fan box with spreader bars) and make sure to bond the metal box with a ground screw. Side note; I wouldnt attach that fixture to a circuit with no equipment ground (such as you may find in the house it came out of).

    Nice fixtures tho, bet they clean up nice.
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    Default Re: Help to rewire and hang a vintage fixture

    Because of the size of the escutcheon you will either have to have a special 4 point spreader made or mount it with plastic anchors in the ceiling. Rewiring is usually not a big problem provided you use the proper 18 ga stranded wiring, replace any damaged insulators sleeves on the lamp holders. You will also need to add a ground connector. You will need to wire nut all the black wires together and all the white wires together both with pigtails to be connected to the power lines. If you are unsure how to take lamp holders apart you should be able to get help at any hardware store. I prefer replacing the old lamp holders with new ones on old lamps. Black wire on brass screw and white wire on silver screw. It is usually easier to use the old wires to pull the new wires.
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