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    Unhappy 30+ year old eljer shower handle removal

    I am trying to remove the handles off a eljer shower set. There is a handle for hot, cold and the shower engagement. There is a screw in the middle of the handle. When removed the handle will still not come off. This set is 30+ years old. I have looked for a small hole where I might need to insert something to disengage the handle but there does not seem to be one. BTW - instruct gently - I'm a girl !

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    Default Re: 30+ year old eljer shower handle removal

    Removing handles from old faucets can be a bugger. It's likely just thirty years of corrosion, soap scum, and mineral build up that's holding the handles in place. GENTLY tap the handle further onto the stem, then tap it from behind - repeat. This should break it loose without damage to the handle or the faucet.

    If all else fails, you can cut the handle from the stem, but I'd reserve this as an extreme last resort.
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    Default Re: 30+ year old eljer shower handle removal

    You can also try a handle puller.

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