I just bought an older home. The termite inspection passed with flying colors. However, I started to tear away some baseboard and found termite tubes. I then went to the basement and took down some plaster board that was covering the joists (I now know why) and found extensive termite damage.

1. I know initially the termite inspector could not have seen behind walls, etc. However the owner of the termite company came over and conducted a thorough inspection and without admitting it, said yeah this house has had termites, they should've caught it to begin with.

2. The property disclosure stated no termites ever present or treatment. However we found treatment holes/plugs in front of the garage that the previous owner built and he poured the concrete.

I am in the process of mediation next week and I am getting a structural engineer in the property to asses the damage. I am already seeing damages joists, subfloor, baseboard and hardwoods. I have no idea how extensive the damage is.

Now I am also wondering if the house has naturally settled, or the cause of some of my doorways that are at slight angles are because of the termites??

Has anyone ever dealt with this? What are my chances of getting money out of the seller? BTW, I have been in the house exactly 1 month and 2 days, the house was built in 1919.

thank you,