*** when I read your posts about termite damage I think of how lucky we were. Not too long ago we had termites try to invade our house and only found it because of a need to take a piece of ceiling down in our basement in order to run high speed internet in our house. To think too that we were not going to have high speed internet in our house and then changed our minds.
With us the damage was very minor and they had just started to invade our house more like wood being drilled through in one area and that was it. I have a good idea though where our termites came from and that is our neighbors shed as it is full of termite damage and about ready to fall down. That and we have had moisture problems at our house in some areas.
I agree with the person who said don't bother filing a claim with your insurance and that it could come back at you with increased premiums. I also agree that you should hire a lawyer and sue the previous owner for non-disclosure of a fault in the house and sue the inspection company for negligence as both parties are at fault. Whatever you do though don't have anything more to do with the inspection company until your lawyer files suit as it might hurt your case otherwise. Whatever you do too don't accept a check from either party as that will end any possibility of getting a proper settlement in court. I know because while I have never had to sue an inspection company or a former owner of a house I have had to deal with poor tenants who didn't pay their rent and had to sue them to get whatever I could in court. It's never fun to have to sue someone and lawyers are expensive but sometimes that is your only alternative.
I also know you would like to get everything repaired as soon as possible but I think you should contact a lawyer first as the lawyer I am sure might want pictures of your property so you can prove in court your damages. If the pictures are good enough you might not even have to go to court as they might want to settle out of court,if they do that is great. To help your lawyer and your case get plenty of estimates from contractors. Good luck to you!