My current kitchen cabinets have red oak frames. The doors are white laminate trimmed with oak on the top and bottom. It's a classic 1980s look.

I'd like to replace the kitchen doors. The easiest thing to do is just buy new oak doors, but oak seems so old-fashioned. So I've been thinking about buying two options:

1. Buying new doors in a darker wood and veneering the cabinet fronts to match.
2. Painting the existing frames a dark brown and buying new paint-grade doors.

Does anyone have an opinion on which option is better or have an even better option?

Also, how do I make sure the new door hinges can either re-use the existing holes in the cabinet frame? I'm worried that the new hinge will require a screw to be drilled in only like 1/4 in away from an existing hole and thus it wouldn't be structurally sound. Does that make sense?