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    Exclamation Need help with old wiring

    Hi, I am doing some home renovations and I am replacing a fluorescent ceiling fixture with a much smaller halogen fixture. When I removed the fluorescent fixture the wiring was not like something I have previously encountered. It was much older than what I have seen before. I should note that the frame from the fluorescent where the wiring runs through is still up. Anyway on one side there are two fabric covered wires coming out one covered in white with black “spots” and the other white with red “spots” One more wire coming from the other side is solid black. Which ones are my neutral, hot and ground and do I need to connect them differently to the newer halogen fixture because of how old they are?

    I should also note that there is a wire coming out of the side with the other two colored wires and it connects in the middle of the fixture with another wire coming out of the side with a black wire.
    Also the house was built in 1918

    Thanks for your help!!!
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