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    Question Clearance between gas range & window

    I am remodelling my kitchen and want to place a gas or dual fuel range near an existing window. My contractor says there is a minimum clearance of 30" required between a gas range and a window -is this correct? This seems excessive to me.

    The building code in my town doesn't specify any minimum but instead says appliances must be installed as per the installation guide with the appliance. However none of the installation guides I have checked so far mention anything about clearances between a range and a window.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Clearance between gas range & window

    Did you ever get any replies to your post? I'm dealing with the same issue--I want to move my gas range to the only outside wall I have, under a small pair of windows about 12" above the countertop. What did you end up doing? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Clearance between gas range & window

    Can you say "Curtains on fire!"

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    Default Re: Clearance between gas range & window

    You should research it locally. Ask different installers, call the manufacturer, ask architects and designers or even visit your local building department.

    I wouldn't put a stove, range, oven or cooktop under a window, code or not, even if that was the last place available.

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