My entry door and two sidelights need to be replaced. The door and sidelights are all separate units and not one unit. The major problem is some structural damage due to water leakage. Part of the rim joist under the door and sidelights will need to be repaired before the door and two sidelights can go in. There may also be some slight joist damage. The sub floor, about two inches back from door, will probably need repaired. With the cost of the door and limited money available, I want to do this myself. I have done numerous home repairs in the past and I feel I can handle it. But the job would probably take two days. My plan is to remove the entry door and two side lights, buy some plywood and box in the entryway for protection from weather and for security, while working on the structural damage. Extent of damage is really unknown until the door is removed. After this, the doors should go in easily.
Is there a better way to do the repair to get it done quickly and correctly? Does anyone have other suggestions?
(This is a perfect job for Ask This Old House)