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Thread: flooded room

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    We had the washer drain hose become undone, so water freely flow into our laundry room for a good 45 minutes. Besides having water on the floor there we also had water seep through the garage wall, as well as flow into the floor heating/cooling duct. We have tried crawling under the house but cannot get to the area where this occurred to check for water.

    We have taken the floating floor up as well as the vinyl that was under that. We did not pull off the molding. We vaccummed up all the water, and have rented a dehumidifer and snail carpet dryer. These have been running for about 30hours now.

    Is there anything else we should be doing? How do we determine when all is dry enough to refloor and is there something we can put on the plywood and wall to reduce mold and odor?

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    I did some work for a company who specializes in disaster clean up, and asked the owner about a similar situation at my home.
    It was recommended to me to use Zinsser Perma-Wash to thoroughly scrub the surfaces, and any structure that was remaining.

    Buy one of those plastic tank garden sprayers (~$20-25) and use that to apply the solution, diluted to the strongest concentration recommended on the label.
    I wish the GCs I worked with were as quality-minded as Tom Silva and Mike Holmes.

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