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    Question I hear water flowing through my heating pipes

    I have hust turned on the heating system in my house. It is a forced hot-water system. I have 2 zones:upstairs and downstairs.
    I hear the hot water flowing like a river through the upstairs pipes.

    Can I bleed the system on my own or do I need to call a professional?

    The boiler and baseboard system is only about 7 years old since the second floor was added at that time.

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    Default Re: I hear water flowing through my heating pipes

    A lot of bleeding fhw questions. The simple answer is this: It is easy to bleed zones in a forced hot water system, however it is difficult to explain because systems can be piped in many different ways. The goal is (assuming no bleeder valves on radiators or baseboard rads) to force water thru the zone/boiler loop until it has no choice but to come out of the hose you have attached to the purge valve of the zone you are bleeding. Continue this into a 5 gallon bucket outside overflowing until no bubbles show up. You can lift the lever of the fast fill to increase the pressure but the boiler cannot go over 30 lbs. If you don't have a clue as to what a purge valve or fast fill are, call a plumber, watch him work, ask questions heck If he lets you video tape him, then try next time. A googly search might give more in depth details.

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