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    Default Peerless vs Weil McLain??? Help!

    New to this board, but needing to make an informed decision asap!

    Long Island home, oil heat and hot water baseboards, 1300 sq ft, original 1st story (and only heating zone), second story built late 1970s. Renovated last winter, new R19 and Andersons throughout the downstairs.

    Am choosing between a Peerless WBV3 and Weil McClain WGO3, both to come with a 45 gallon SuperStore. Price will be about the same with extras (Riello, Argo relay with priority, etc.)...Main concern is, which is better? I'm in my early 50s, plan to retire the house within the next few years, desire as much trouble-free boiler peace as possible.

    Reading a lot about WM's plastic O-rings causing leaks down the road, so the Peerless steel nipples seem preferable.

    Any opinions? All will be most welcome!. Thanx.


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    Default Re: Peerless vs Weil McLain??? Help!

    I also prefer the Peerless unit, for the reasons mentioned in your post---PM issued.

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