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    Default Plaster ceiling crack, permanent repair...

    I have a 1/16" diameter, 16" long ceiling crack that extends straight from an outside bulkhead corner in kitchen. It's been repaired a few times with spackle, joint compound, and about 2 years ago with calk for flexibility. This repair lasted the longest. But the paint over the repair has cracked slightly. Planning to repaint entire kitchen and need a permanent solution.

    What is the best plaster crack repair solution/product so I fix this ONLY one last time? Help!

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    Default Re: Plaster ceiling crack, permanent repair...

    before you fix the crack, i'd have someone come in and look at to figure out why it cracked in the first place. if you fixed it once and it cracked again, there might be a bigger problem than just a cracked ceiling. it's alot cheaper to fix a minor structural problem now than to fix a big structural problem 5-10 years from now.

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