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    Question "easy" plaster and lathe removal

    Does anyone have any trade secrets on how to remove plaster and lathe? Anything more advanced than the hammer and prybar method would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Default Re: "easy" plaster and lathe removal

    Unfortunately, a hammer is about the best way to go. Make sure you wear a dust mask and eye protection.
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    Default Re: "easy" plaster and lathe removal

    Once you get a hole started in the plaster , use a sidewalk ice scrapper to remove the plaster only. Clean up with shovel then remove lath. It's still a messy job but separating the plaster from the lath first makes clean up much easier.
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    Default Re: "easy" plaster and lathe removal

    If plaster is on metal lath than use a 4 inch side grinder with diamond blade cut only thru plaster and lath.Do not cut more than this depth you may cut into pipes or plumbing.
    Use a vac attachment on grinder.
    Cut the top of the wall area first than cut bottom area now make a vertical cut from top to bottom do this about 12 inches apart if you are between studs the section will come out plaster and lath. in a ten foot high wall this section of plaster will be about 80 lbs.
    Now use a sawsall to cut the lath from the studs.
    If the plaster is on wood lath follow the instructions of JLMCDANIEL.

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