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    Smile Caulking: Questions........

    (I am not really sure what category to post this under)
    1. How should one smooth it out? leave as is, use my finger, or spoon, or credit card corner, or.......
    2. Does one pull or push the tube tip. It seems natural to pull, but one of the videos shows it being pushed.
    3. Many tubes keep oozing out...even after I turn off the pressure. Can't be the gun...I have 3 of them...all act the same.
    4. What is the best to use on alum. siding and trim coil? I like the ALEX 30 year type with silicone. (Who will check in 30 years? There is a joke in there!!!!!)

    Thanks for your input on this discussion.

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    Default Re: Caulking: Questions........

    I do lots of caulking in my 97 year old building. I put together a "caulk kit". A dripless caulk gun, a five gallon bucket with 1 to 2 inches of soapy water and a rag in the bottom of the bucket. I use the 30 year Alex with silicone. I cut off a nice 45 degree angle and I pull the caulk. I use my finger to smooth the caulk line if needed and clean the finger or caulk gun in the bucket. When you have enough experience you can pull a long line of caulk and never use your finger. The trick is to cut an absolutely smooth 45 degree end off the caulk tube and recut it if it gets ragged.

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