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    my bathtub cold water was leaking so i took the handle off and then use w wrench to turn it off and on again. that worked for about a week. so now the cold water is turn off but there is water still coming out the faucet. so i had to turn the water off from outside the house at the main. i have no clue how to fix this problem. i am going to need step by step help.

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    Sounds like a bad seat washer.

    1. Pick up a seat washer kit from the hardware store. The sales staff can help you find them.
    2. Turn off water at the main.
    3. Open faucet to relieve water pressure in system.
    4. With the correct sized wrench, remove the valve stem. Note: The correct size wrench is not pliers, vice grips, or a pipe wrench, these items will crush the valve stem nut.
    5. With the valve stem removed, inspect the seat washer at the end of it as well as the seat inside the valve body for damage or debris.
    6. Assuming all is well and the seat washer is all that needs replacing, remove the screw that holds the washer in place and install a new washer. Your washer kit will have multiple size and shaped washers, you'll have to find the one that fits the valve stem best.
    7. After replacing the washer, reinstall the valve stem into the valve body and tighten the nut until snug.
    8. Turn the water on at the main no more than 1 full turn, then check your work for leaks. Once you know you don't have a geyser, open the water main fully.

    Google your faucet brand for specific procedures for your faucet. There are many sites that have step by step pictorials of the process.
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    I would think that just shutting off the outside valve would save a ton of work on repairs............. But then, I ain't no plumber.

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