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    Default painting furniture with oil base paint

    So how long does it take for oil base paint to dry? I have been painting a dresser with oil base paint and it seems like it has taken 2 weeks to dry and hardened before I am able to put another coat on. Also, I have been using Benjamin Moore paint and the sales person said to achieve the right color I have picked takes a while after it has dried and cured. Is this possible?
    By the way, I have primed with oil and sanded between coats.

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    Default Re: painting furniture with oil base paint


    Oil paint should be dry enough to re-paint within 24 hours under good conditions, i.e. low humidity and warm. Also, dark colors with large amounts of colorant will dry slower.

    I used Benjamin Moore's products for years and generally they are really good. However, every once in awhile I would get a batch of Satin Impervo which apparently had too little drier in it. Normally it would dry overnight, but occasionally it would still be tacky the next morning. Unfortunately, there is no way to know in advance if this is the case. You can hedge your bet by ading a capfull of "japan drier" to the oil paint. This will assure an overnight dry time.

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