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    Default Gap in Laminate Floor

    As a surprise, my girlfriends father laid her laminate floor in her upstairs hallway. When we got back, he was completely finished and had all the trim back in place. The floor looked nice. However,
    upon closer inspection, we found near the middle of the hallway that there was a gap in the end of two pieces. The hallway is about 7 strips wide and the two pieces in question are near the middle. There are 4 strips to the end wall on the shortest side of the total length before the gap appears. Is there a way to tap these together to close the gap without pulling the floor back up to the point of the gap? I know there is a tool to tap the short ends together but this strip is attached on the two longs sides of the locking floor and I wasn't sure if the friction would be too great to slide a center row the 1/8th of an inch that it would take to close the gap.

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    Default Re: Gap in Laminate Floor

    I just installed a Pergo floor and during the installation experience what you describe. The fix for me was to "kick" my foot in the direction needed and it pulled the pieces together.

    Wear non-scuff shoes. Stand with one foot on the row with the gap, one foot off. Now "kick" in the direction of the gap a couple times, move down one plank and continue. Do this a couple times from both directions and the gap will likely close.
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