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    Default Insulate around windows during replacement

    Hello, I am having 11 windows replaced pretty soon (wood replaced with vinyl), and I was wondering if there is additional weatherproofing and/or insulating that would be best performed at the same time as the window replacement. Something that I do not want to realize later and say "I wish I had done that at the same time...." Our house is very poorly insulated which I hope to resolve a little bit at a time. It is a brick house with plaster walls and double hung pretty standard windows. I live in Baltimore MD, we have all 4 seasons pretty thoroughly. In the winter we have cold days but rarely cold stretches. We get a fair amount of rain in the spring/fall, and a lot of humidity in the summer. Thanks for any advice, and please let me know if I am posting in the wrong place.
    -Kevin Holler

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    Default Re: Insulate around windows during replacement

    That's an easy one. Just go to the home center and buy some cans of the spray foam insulation. It's a liquid foam with a long nozzle on the can and you just spray it into the gap between the window frame and the walls. Normally this is done after the window is set and trimmed on the outside of the house. Just do it from the inside and the foam expands to fill the voids. I've seen professionals do it all the time and have used it myself too.

    Good Luck.

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