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    Question Loud noise in neighboring room when master shower turned on ...

    Hi There, we're located in Fairport, NY and had a Ryan built home in 2003. We have a luxury master bath with separate tile shower and soaking tub. On the other side of the master bath wall is our 3 year old son's bedroom. The shower head is on this wall and when we turn it on, the noise in our son's room is quite loud, enough to wake him. Behind the shower head the copper pipe bends 90 degrees down and somewhere joins with CPVC which the house is plumbed with. I suspect the pressure at this junction is decreased dramatically due to frictional losses and causes a constant, loud sound (not the water falling on the shower floor, but right behind the shower head. Water pressure at the shower head is not that great either. The soaking tub has a ton of water pressure, but the sound when we turn on the tub hot/cold is not that noticeable. I had the shower head replaced years ago due to debri clogging it during construction/pressure testing.

    I suspect changing the shower head may help, but rather than throw $ at the problem I thought I'd reach out.

    Thanks for any insight and direction.


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    Default Re: Loud noise in neighboring room when master shower turned on ...

    I would suggest you remove the shower head, run the water and see if more debris works its way out of the pipe as a start (we do it from time to time as rust / scale breaks free in our lines, but they are 50 years old...)

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