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    Default How to keep the foundation dry?

    My parents are re landscaping the front side of our summer house and they bought some small shrubs. They planted them 2' away from the foundation. Should they put mulch in the space between the foundation and the plants to keep the foundation dry or add rocks?

    Would anyone suggest placing plastic sheet and then mulch on top?

    Any suggestions would be great!


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    Default Re: How to keep the foundation dry?

    Keeping the foundation dry isn't as much about the type of material you put down as it is the grading next to the house. If they are completely re-planting the bed i would suggest maybe getting a pickup load of dirt and making the grade a little bit steeper if you are worried about water going back toward the house. As for the materials, rocks, believe it or not, will hold more water and not necessarily release it like mulch would. The mulch would seep water out. And yes....put landscaping fabric down. Since you are planting there it needs to be permeable but if you get the proper stuff it will still keep weeds and such from coming up through.

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    Default Re: A Present

    Quote Originally Posted by ghij641 View Post
    Mom, do you know what I'm going to give you for your birthday?
    I have no freakin idea. Just do not give me another rubber chicken.

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