Now as a homeowner, considering the use this rather TOUGH tool would get in that situation...I mean I'm NOT a contractor and have probly used this tool a dozen or two times over the last 10 years I've owned it AND would not be without it I might ad...that's why I was surprised today to have it not work!! (worked the last time I used it) SOOOOOO I'm asking: Has anybody had thier Sawzall stop working? and if so what went wrong....only thing I can see to check is the two capped springs?? (whatever they're for...I expected to find a fuse under it but no) which I removed and re-installed to no avail...I suppose I'll have to find a service center but thought first I would throw it out there to get some others experiances possibly...thanks in advabnce for any reply some one might have time to's a Millwaukee Sawzall