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    Default Wood Floor Finishes~ Poly vs. Moisture Cure Urethane vs. Acrylic vs. Water based

    We're having wood floors refinished in a home we just bought. What are the pros and cons of the finishes, and which one will wear the best for a family with small children?

    Many thanks!

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    Default Re: Wood Floor Finishes~ Poly vs. Moisture Cure Urethane vs. Acrylic vs. Water based

    Floor's should 99% of the time be done in a polyurethane. Acrylic/Water-based finishes are best applied to woodwork that doesn't receive much wear or have heavy objects on them. There is some water-based products that claim to work on floor's but from my own experience they will wear out much faster. The key to apply any type of varnish is too allow proper drying time and use quality products. If you are doing the sanding yourself be sure to vacuum all dust, then wipe the floors clean using cool water, allow plenty of dry time then vacuum the floors again. Be sure to give a light scuff sand with 100grit paper on a pole sander between each coat and repeat washing of floors. Always apply 2 coats preferably 3. In regards to the fumes of oil they can be brutal. Be sure to have adequate ventilation and maybe have the children sleep at a relatives for a few days. If there is more work to be done after the the floor's be sure to put down rosin paper (also known as butcher paper) on the floor with delicate blue tape to prevent any damage of the new floor's.

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