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    Default Poison Ivy Removal the "Green" way

    My family's house in Connecticut has poison ivy all around it. Most of the plants are growing in the areas with trees, up the north side of the house, along the stone wall in the front and are creeping into the edges of the lawn. Most of us are extremely allergic, and, even when we don't think we've touched it, always seem to get the rash after doing some simple yard work. I want to take measures to get rid of the plants and work on keeping them away, but I would rather remove them in an environmentally friendly fashion. I've heard that certain plants might be used as natural barriers to help keep them out of the yard and off of the house. I'm interested to know more. Can anyone please help me find a good environmentally friendly/green way to get rid of our poison ivy problem?

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    Default Re: Poison Ivy Removal the "Green" way

    I faced the same problem. Eventually I had to make peace with Round Up and Murphy's Oil Soap.

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