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    Question Installing whiskey barrel hardware

    I have the wooden barrels but want advice on how to open up the top to install faucets at the bottom. I am afraid to cut the top slats for fear the barrel will collapse.
    Any experience out there? - dustin

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    Default Re: Installing whiskey barrel hardware

    I'm not too sure about whiskey barrels. I personally used plastic 55 gal barrels for make my rain barrels. I would venture to guess that boring a hole 3 inches or so would not allow the barrel to collapse. Then just size down your rain gutters into 3 inch and let it feed directly into there. Be sure to drill a hole in the side toward the top and connect a plastic hose to it for an overflow. As far as the faucet goes, you'll have to try to find one that you can screw into a properly sized hole that you'll drill in the side toward the bottom. Hope this helps.

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