We are building a bath in the basement with a shower stall. I am getting mixed inform****. Do you use a flexible membrane liner or not? I have been told that this liner is only for upper floor showers. I don't see any problem with being overly careful to prevent future leaks. The room next to the shower is a pergo type floor and a leak could run under that floor and not be noticed until extensive damage is done. Do you build the slope with concrete or thinset? We are using 2 inch tile on a 12 inch sheet for the floor of the shower. We have poured concrete up to the 2 inch drain pipe coming out of the floor and need to find a source for a slip in or clamp in drain strainer with a beauty ring to hold it in place. I would prefer a square shape strainer to make the tile cutting easier. Also I would prefer oil rubbed bronze to match the other fixtures. Does anyone have a source for this type of strainer. I have seen a stainless steel one at Lowes. Now that the concrete has been poured around the 2 inch drain pipe it is too late to use the type of drain assembly that is installed under the floor. We did not think far enough ahead. Please help.