This Spring We had alot of rain in our area and after a month and half I noticed the wall of cement block (in my basement) had crack as much as a 1/4 inch or even 1/3 inch and it surprised me because when it rained it never leaked a drop. My question is do we have a problem or can I seal the site with calk, paint over it with waterproof paint and then paint our normal color or are we having a problem with stress and can this get worse and should I hold off for awhile and see what it does?????

The crack runs horizonal at about 6' from the floor..on the south
wall.. 5' on the west wall.. 5' on the north wall, this is a crack that run the whole length of the wall( most times just a crack) even in a t-block support column..Should I get a hold of a basement expert (leaks, support, drainage problems)