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    i just found out that my 16 year old home has plaster walls on the main level. I found this out because I had a bad spot in the dining room and I called a builder who was also the original owners son. the second owner did a real number on them by putting holes in almost every wall because the home was going back to the bank. so my question is did I ruin them by patching the holes with drywall joint compound, will I notice the patches when I paint? any info would be great thank you

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    Standard operating procedure in most cases is to repair plaster with drywall materials, the general exception to that is when doing restoration work. Most of the time, when proper drywall techniques are applied, patches will be nearly invisible and remain so. Drywall patches and plaster degradation occur when there is further movement in the structure.
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    One step you can take is to apply a PVA primer to the entire wall surface. This will drastically reduce the possiblity of your patches showing through.
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