I am new to this forum, so bear with me if there has been a discussion on this topic. I searched and didn't find anything, but may have not searched properly.

Here is my problem. I have an old (probably 1930's) cast iron farm sink. It is evident that in the past it has been painted or refinished (I know this because it is peeling). It also has a couple of chips that have been painted over. I have been told that refinishing techniques that work on bathtubs will not hold up to the daily use of a kitchen sink. I have also been told that the absolute best way to make it "like new" is to have it removed and re-porceleined (sp?). I cannot find anything ****** to tell me how to contact someone who would do this. I live in the Austin Texas area and feel certain there are bound to be restorers that can handle this, but have not been able to find anyone.

Anybody out there want to take this on?