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    Default undermount mounting

    I have just installed my soapstone counter and now it is time for the undermount sink.
    Ordered my stainless steel sink ( 16 gauge steel) and the manufacturer did not include directions. I have contacted them and I have been waiting for an answer. All of the advice I have read ****** or watched on youtube show cutting a slit in the soapstone, placing the top of the screw in the slit and use a wing nut to attach the sink clips.
    This would be great if the sink came with those accessories. Instead, I have screws and what looks like a female screw clip ( looks like a plastic drywall anchor with a threaded part in the middle).
    Has anyone seen these before?
    Is it as simple as drill my hole in the countertop, place these clips in the hole and then attach the sink with the clip and screw? My fear is that these clips will slowly slide out of the hole causing the sink to fall. Should I attach these to the soapstone somehow? ( glue or epoxy?)

    Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: undermount mounting

    normally what we do is to drill a hole in the stone just deep enough for an anchor to be epoxied into the stone. then a screw is put into the anchor with a clip to hold the sink. I also like to run a bead of caulk on top of the sink before attaching to make sure that I don't get water between the sink and the stone. I do this in addition to a bead at the inside of the sink where it meets the stone. I included a link to granquartz.com which shows fastners like I'm assuming you are talking about. the ones by gran quartz are lead anchors. I would use these rather then a plastic one. you will also be able to get the proper drill bit from this same website. drill no deeper then the anchor, please let me know if I can be of further assistance


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