I've been reading around the forum and have found a LOT of great information about very specific situations. I actually (for now) have a number of general questions in my FIRST post here before I begin my FIRST bathroom remodel in my FIRST home.

I'll take links to other posts as an answer to any of these if the subject has already been covered in a how-to for new DIY-ers sort of way.

Thanks in advance!!


General info: Pulling out vinyl flooring/vanity/toilet/vinyl shower surround and leaving in tub. Replacing surround area with Durock. Doing subway tile up to the celling for shower surround then dropping to backsplash height for the rest of the bathroom. Tiling floor.

1. Cement backerboard surround - membrane in front or tarpaper behind? Or neither???
2. What if my 1/2" backerboard is thicker than the drywall in the rest of the bathroom? Do you anticipate that it possibly could be?
3. how do you make holes in cement backer board for your fixtures to fit through?
4. Tile the walls or the floor first? How should they meet nicely?
5. Final answer: What type tile adhesive to I use on walls? Floors?
6. Any special instructions on where the subfloor/backerboard/tile meet the threshold?
7. Paint-on coating - do I do the whole bathroom? Over the tile or just over the grout?