We recently had a home inspection on house we are looking into purchasing. We are unsure of what items are going to be costly and what we should or shouldn't ask the seller to repair. Here are our major concerns:

1. Garage
The detatched two car garage was reported to us by the inspector to be of "no value"
-concrete floor has cracked and settled as well as foundation causing movement to structure which now leans towards right. Due to movement structure needs to be evaluated by a contractor.
-Garage damage to sill and stud right side, repairs needed for support (termites)
We had a contractor out who told is it is 17,000 to repair!

2. Roof
-Multi-layers in place (3 asphalt shingles and 1 wood)
-There are loose lifted and missing shingles
-The roof has a few years left in it but it will be very expensive to replace/only 2 layers allowed in our state.

-Not able to evaluate if flue is lined
-Some deteriorated masonry at top/ cracks at face
-Add chimney caps
-reseal chimney flashings as needed (water stains are evident)

4. Water Boiler
WeilMcLane Boiler has no flush valve
-add valve to flush water out for required maintenance

5. Electric
-replace double tap with a mini-breaker

Then there are little things that I think are minor. Let me know if anything jumps out at you!

-has cracks and depressions

Front steps
-Surface deterioration to concrete at steps

Back steps
-No landing at steps

-Broken sash line (10 broken in office 3 in dining area)
-Broken pane in basement above oil tank
-Broken pane in dining room

Upstairs bathroom-
Re-caulk and seal tub water spout at enclosure

-Front 2 doors and side door have putty and paint over rot
-Need to add deadbolt to side door for security due to door being installed backwards

Electric Exterior
-Electric service entry needs to be secured
-strap plastic vertical pipe for service line to structure is advised
-service entry through siding is not sealed
-gasket is damaged
-both can allow water entry to service

-garage electrical box needs to be reconnected

Thank you for taking the time to read this!